Your Integrated Care Record

Your Integrated Care Record (ICR) is confidential and secure and helps doctors, nurses and other health and social care professionals involved in your care to make better, safer decisions.
Your local health and care services, including social care, are working more closely together to provide a joined-up service to support you.

This reduces the need for you to repeat information about yourself to different people involved in your care, thereby saving you time and frustration. It also makes the services themselves more efficient. It is important that clinicians and other health and care professionals involved in a person’s care are able to view the relevant records as and when appropriate.

In order to achieve this health and care organisations across BaNES Swindon and Wiltshire have access to an Integrated Care Record. This allows information recorded in one health or care organisation to be available to a professional caring for you who works in another.

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What is it?

The BSW ICR is an electronic health record that combines information from the different organisations involved in your health and care, such as your GP practice, hospitals and social care services and displays it all in one place.

What information is included?

Your ICR contains important information about you, including your contact details, medical history, medications, allergies, test results, hospital admissions, hospital referrals, social care and mental health referrals.

Who can see it?

Only people directly involved in your care will be able to see your data. This may include health and social care staff from GP Practices, hospitals, community trusts, mental health trusts, social care and NHS 111 staff.